Welcome NRA Collectors Show!

The Las Vegas Antique Arms show is honored to welcome the NRA Collector’s Group to hold their 25th Annual NRA National Gun Collectors Show to our show!

You’re invited to display & compete for $10,000 in prizes!



Las Vegas, Nevada

February 28 – March 1, 2020

The Gun Collectors Committee of the NRA’s Board of Directors has reviewed and approved a selection of awards to be presented at the National Gun Collectors Show. These are very special awards and this is a very special awards program. This show marks the only time that exhibits by individuals, and not affiliated clubs, are recognized by the NRA’s Gun Collectors Committee for awards.  These awards are accorded the same level of respect and honor as awards presented at the Annual Meetings & Exhibits each year.

Additionally, the NRA is offering monetary awards coupled with the display trophies. Over $10,000 will be handed out to qualified award-winning exhibitors.

Download the Show Application here. 


NRA’s Annual National Gun Collectors Show & Conference recognizes gun collecting accomplishments of NRA members. These non-commercial exhibits feature a wide array of high-quality collector items representing a broad spectrum of historical, educational, cultural and technical knowledge and are an attraction for the thousands of NRA members that will attend the show.



Exhibit tables may not contain any items that are for sale during the show dates.


The exhibit should be staffed during the show’s open hours.  The show’s hours are:  Friday & Saturday, 9 – 5; Sunday, 9 – 2.  Dealer set-up is on Thursday. No items are to be removed from the display before the Exhibit Hall closes to the public Sunday afternoon.  All gun collector exhibitors must abide by the Exhibit Hall Rules and Regulations, as stated at time of application for exhibit hall space.


The decision of the Judges will be final.



For more information on the NRA National Gun Collecting Awards Competitions contact:

Philip Schreier

Senior Curator

11250 Waples Mill Road

Fairfax, VA 22030

Tel: (703) 267-1601

[email protected]



Awards are issued for individual items as well as outstanding displays.

The awards are:

  • The E. Andrew Mowbray Educational Trophy for Exhibit Excellence – Awarded for the best exhibit of the show. $4,000.00 cash bonus.
  • 1st Runner up, Best of Show –      $2,500.00 cash bonus to the exhibit that places 2nd in cumulative point totals.
  • 2nd Runner up, Best of Show –     $1,500.00 cash bonus to the exhibit that places 3rd in cumulative point totals.
  • Outstanding Exhibit Award – Antique Arms                     $500.00 cash bonus
  • Outstanding Exhibit Award – Classic Arms                      $500.00 cash bonus
  • Outstanding Exhibit Award – Contemporary Arms         $500.00 cash bonus
  • Outstanding Exhibit Award – Combined Arms                $500.00 cash bonus
  • Best S&W Exhibit – A plaque and $500.00 cash award to the best exhibit of S&W arms. (Sponsored by the S&W Collectors Association – pending approval)
  • Best Colt Exhibit – A plaque and $500.00 cash award to the best exhibit of Colt arms. (Sponsored by the Colt Collectors Association – pending approval)
  • Best Military Exhibit – The L. P. Brammer award, a plaque and $500.00 cash award to the best exhibit of Military Arms and Accouterments. (Sponsored by the Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Association)
  • Best Ruger Exhibit – A plaque and $500.00 cash award to the best exhibit of Ruger arms displayed by a member of the Ruger Collectors Association. (Sponsored by the Ruger Collectors Association – pending approval)
  • Best Arm of Show – Awarded to the finest single firearm featured in an exhibit.
  • Outstanding Related Arms Group – An award for a grouping of firearms or related            objects within an exhibit.
  • The Judges Choice Award – An award given not based on points and not a previous winner for other awards.



Display awards are presented for exhibits that do an outstanding job of educating the visiting public. THIS IS A NEW SCORING SHEET DEVISED BY THE COMMITTEE. PLEASE READ IT THOROUGHLY AS THERE ARE SIGNIFICANT CHANGES.

TITLE & LABELS: Is there a highlighted title that fits this display? Are significant items labeled, including information that shows their relationship to the title & theme?


MAXIMUM 10 points


THEME: Does the display have an overall theme? Does the material presented illustrate that theme in a comprehensive & interesting manner?


MAXIMUM 20 points


RELATED ITEMS: Presence, interest & significance of non-firearm related items in the display. (Possible examples might include ammunition, holsters, boxes, documents, accessories, period clothing or uniforms or other related items.)


MAXIMUM 10 points


CONDITION:  How does condition of items in the display compare to material available?


MAXIMUM 10 points




MAXIMUM 10 points



(Do items claiming historical provenance have reasonable supporting and accurate documentation where appropriate?)


MAXIMUM 20 points


DISPLAY APPEAL, DESIGN & APPEARANCE – Considering factors such as neatness, creativity, general appearance, and overall appeal of the display.

MAXIMUM 20 points


MAXIMUM 100 TOTAL (Winners are determined by raw score)


Judges Preference Points – In addition each judge will choose three displays that they believe are first, second & third best displays in the show.  1st = 5pts, 2nd=3pts, 3rd=1pt.


For More Information:

Paul Balfour

Beinfeld Productions


[email protected]